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Schuit Homes – Homes That Delight the Eye and Lift the Spirit

Jerry Schuit, president of Schuit Homes, is fascinated by architecture. It is the well from which he draws his ideas for innovative concepts, that challenges the builder to look anew at home designs to meet the expectations of today’s discerning clientele.

Jerry Schuit - Schuit Homes

“Catching the eye of the home buyer, then generating a heightened sense of pleasure as they explore the possibilities in a Schuit home is my continuing challenge,” says Jerry. “I want my clients to be excited by purchasing a Schuit home. My homes are intended to touch the senses visually and emotionally.”

“It was once remarked to me that my homes had changed the architectural design of new homes in Brantford. That compliment made me sit up and realize the tremendous responsibility a builder has to a community”.

Jerry formed his company in 1989 and immediately focused on Brantford as the site of his construction endeavours. 11 years prior to building Jerry headed 52 of his own framing crews in the vicinity of Hamilton, Dundas, Ancaster & Toronto. Jerry’s vision has been rewarded by the progress Schuit Homes has made in that time to its enviable position as the home builder of choice.

Schuit Homes has been nominated multiple times and has been awarded the Sales and Marketing Award for Outstanding Home Designs both nationally and provincially.

These remarkable achievements underscore the dedication of the company. Instilled throughout the organization is the recognition that its clients will receive superior value in their choice, unstinting support throughout the construction period and continued attention to the clients’ concerns long after the keys have been transferred.

Everything from the contract to the closing of the home is done entirely on site. Schuit Homes takes great pride in providing a full-service business while establishing relationships of trust and confidence. They aim to create an atmosphere conducive to reducing the stress that many inquiring home buyers experience.

The construction industry is a fast-changing one. “As advances occur and new techniques are introduced into the industry, Schuit Homes has to be at the leading edge,” Jerry insists. The team that Jerry leads at Schuit Homes adheres to that principle as part of their overall strategy to offer superior value in that all-important home purchase.